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After Action Report Episode 2: September 9th 2011


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Episode 3:


This is the third program in season 2 of this web cast series that will discuss the most current issues and topics relevant to active troops, veterans and their families.


Guest Biographies

Athena D’Uva - President of MABGI. She has over twenty years experience in corporate management and development. She managed her own Hospice company for twelve years. Ms. D’Uva was the designer of the SIFE Program for Mt. Aloysius College a program to develop young entrepreneurs. Ms. D’Uva is licensed in accident, life, health and annuities. Ms. D’Uva received the precious Senate Citation for Welfare to Work program in Pennsylvania and the Governor’s Achievement Award from the Honorable Tom Ridge Governor of Pennsylvania.

Kaylee Hoffman is an amazing young singer that total conveys the emotion and depth of the tribute to our troops, veterans and their families. Kayee’s voice and style allows her to sing many types of music from pop to country. Kaylee is able to connect to a wide audience, which is critical for our musical tribute to the troops, veterans and families. Kaylee’s beauty inside and out also increases her connection with all ages and gender of the military from WW II to Afghanistan.

Her infectious personality is an inspiration to other young singers and a wonderful role model. Kaylee will endear herself to every audience our current troops, young and older veterans as well as the families of our troops.

Rocco is an incredibly talented young music producer and engineer that uses the most advanced technology to develop fantastic music. Rocco is a technical producer and works on the technical side of music by engineering the sounds and tracks to create his music.

Rocco is writing a series of songs that portray the experience of Dennis M. Butts from the book Beyond the Wall the Journey Home as well as series of songs telling the stories of many of the names on the Viet Nam Memorial Wall. This is a very intense and difficult endeavor for a song writer, producer and engineer to do. Rocco took on the task and is currently working on the project.

Alyssa Maurer is an amazing young artist. Her age allows her to relate to the young troops and veterans who she totally supports and desires to portray in her art. She is fluent in Portuguese and French, and an outstanding athlete in gymnastics and snowboarding She is an accomplished musician in both voice and piano.

Alyssa is the key artist and will lead with the selection and placement of all art at the shows. All art must past the requirement of being a positive influence and truly predict the lives of our current and former troops and what the families experience.

Cirina Catania is an established filmmaker and marketing executive with a long history of success in both the major studio and independent film environment. Her production and marketing skills provide her clients with a solid base from which to operate and her long list of credits (which include the marketing of some of Hollywood’s most successful films) helps to position her company in the marketplace alongside of its strongest competitors.

Catania devotes much of her time to charitable organizations specializing in global human rights and is one of the official filmographers for the UNDP Goodwill Ambassador Program (documenting the contributions of Danny Glover and Dkembe Matumbo). She has worked with such organizations as Free Wheelchair Mission, Amnesty International, the Global Health Network, Save the Children, Global Mothers and Children’s Aid International and the Producers Guild of America.

Episode 2: Traumatic Brain Injury


Episode 1: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


About After Action Report

After Action Report is a 13 week Internet TV live interactive webcast series that addresses the most current issues and topics relevant to active duty troops, veterans and their families. The series is a joint venture collaboration between Military Comm Networks ( and the Internet TV Channel dedicated to troops and veterans worldwide, USVETS TV (www.USVets.TV), on the TV Worldwide network (

The programs use an innovative hybrid web conference and webcast format where the troops themselves participate via multi-party video conferencing worldwide to interact with After Action Report experts and panelists live on stage while a webcast audience of thousands tunes in to view and email questions and comments. The content presented is not only informative for the viewer and conference participants but support is also provided for those who are seeking assistance.



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